Author: CardViper

  • The Best Sports Card Grading Company?

    There are many grading companies out there now like PSA, BGS, SCG, FCG, HGA, GMA, and the list goes on and on. So the question that always arises is “which one do I use”. That is what we call a loaded questions you see because it really depends on YOUR goals. Are you wanting something…

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  • Sports Card Autograph Grading

    To grade an auto or to not grade an auto, that is never a question I have to ask myself. Constantly I am seeing this debate appear online and I ask myself why is this a topic? One day I ventured into a debate and asked that very question to those arguing that all autos…

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  • Whatnot To Do

    Many of you are now familiar with the Whatnot platform as it’s been around for some time. Over the past year Whatnot has picked up a lot of new sellers and customers. While I can only speak for the Sports Card side of things, I wanted to take a moment to share my thoughts and…

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