The Best Sports Card Grading Company?

There are many grading companies out there now like PSA, BGS, SCG, FCG, HGA, GMA, and the list goes on and on. So the question that always arises is “which one do I use”. That is what we call a loaded questions you see because it really depends on YOUR goals.

Are you wanting something that you can resell for profit? Is it for your PC with no chance of ever parting with it? Are you wanting something with a fast turn around, lower cost but lower value? This list also goes on and on.

What I see as a sports card collector:

PSA – The KING and leader of Slabbing. If you look at historical data PSA cards sell at the top of the list more than an average amount of the time. They take longer to get your cards back but higher grade sell better.

There’s always a lot of talk about them being stingy on 10’s. I can’t say I disagree as a sports card collector, however, that’s because I obviously want perfect cards. Not every card printed can be a 10.

BGS – Runner up IMO of slabbing. These bring a little less in return vs PSA only when not a GEM MINT 10 or Black Label. Sometimes a 9.5 will weigh in close or at a PSA 10 but it depends on the card. I personally dislike BGS because of it’s cases. They are THICK and I need ROOM!

SGC – These would have to be ranked in 3rd place I believe. They are sleek looking cases that make VINTAGE cards look amazing! Most collectors I see that slab with SGC ALWAYS say the same thing, “I got my cards back in a couple weeks!”, and that’s great until you try to sell it.

SGC cards pull in about half of a PSA’s card. Don’t believe me? Go look at recent comps on ANY card. Sad I know because they really do have a nice looking slab but it’s taller than normal would be my only complaint, if you can even call that a complaint.

FCG – A new Grader that has super fast turn around that everyone wants but most hardcore or investment collectors will stay away from. Just because someone can do something fast doesn’t make it right. Nothing against these guys but I practically had to give away my FCG cards.

GMA – Another popup grader that I feel gives 10’s to almost anything. I bought a GMA 10 of something to to see what the quality was like. The card was off centered something like 30 / 70 and they gave it a 10.

HGA – This card grader had potential but became a hot topic of issues online fairly fast. Their concept was solid but they had a lot of limitations due to limited experienced graders maybe? They had a huge list of cards they refused to grade which I feel is a concerning factor.

HGA did have some of the best slabs in my opinion. However when I reached out to them several times with questions I never received a response.

There are others but I just wouldn’t go there. I have no ill will against any of these companies but these are my opinions and what I see or have experienced while trying to resell cards as an investment collector.

What should you do?

Do what you want. However don’t go with a grader because they a quick then expect investors to pay PSA 10 prices. It’s just NOT going to happen. Then you’re going to mad and have a chip on your shoulder.

PSA is KING because that’s where the demand is.

In closing I would point out if there was a standardized AI grading system that EVERY grader used. Then the playing field could be leveled. But in the end ALL GRADING COMPANIES HAVE SOME KIND OF ISSUE OR DISLIKE.

Just do what you want to do but know there are consequences.