Sports Card Autograph Grading

To grade an auto or to not grade an auto, that is never a question I have to ask myself. Constantly I am seeing this debate appear online and I ask myself why is this a topic? One day I ventured into a debate and asked that very question to those arguing that all autos should be graded.

The responses I received were lacking in reasoning other than “Two 10’s look good on a card and increases it’s value some”. To this response I asked what does it do to the value if the card is a 10 but the auto is a 9? Crickets.

I’m Different

I just don’t see the point in jeopardizing an already elusive grade on higher end cards. To me seeing a 10 on an auto grade does absolutely nothing for the value or the weight I have on deciding to purchase the card. However if it said 9, I would not consider it or send it back in with no auto grade.

My opinion, and that is 100% what exactly that, is just be happy you have the auto.

Many people like to send their cards to SGC because the auto grade comes first which then misleads people thinking the card is a 10 at first glance if their not familiar with the grading structures. I despise this practice.

Grading already has too many variables including human nature. Even someone having a bad day can jeopardize a good card.

In closing just do as you please but know that it can decrease the value more than add to it if it doesn’t end up as expected.